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Bespoke Suits & Professional Personal Styling

Welcome to B'SPO-KEN Custom Clothier. Founded by 30 year men's fashion expert, Kenneth Booras. Whether this is your first custom made bespoke suit, or you are already a bespoke tailoring convert, Kenneth will provide  you expert advice on the perfect style and cut.

Creating the Perfect Custom Made Suit

The entire process starts as we consult with and then begin to design the garment with you. We take into consideration any specific needs that you may have. It is during this consultation that we are able to best assist you and guide you in developing your own personal style as well as your own professional image. We understand how valuable your reputation is and our priority is to insure that your clothing will reflect that. Visit the B'SPO-KEN Custom Suit and Fabrics Gallery.

Cloth Style

Ther are several key ingredients to every custom or bespoke tailored suit. At B'SPO-KEN we start with the raw materials that go into making the fabric that eventually is used to make your suit cloth.  The style of cloth, more than anything else, will determine the overall 'look' of the suit. The most popular patterns include solid colours, pin-stripes, checks, or herringbones. Your B'SPO-KEN persoanal stylist will show you these patterns and others. we will consult with you and have you try the different cloth styles... the feel, the look, the weight. We leave no stone unturned as we work with you to put together the perfect custom suit...for you!. We mentioned the weight of the cloth. Weight of the cloth is critical. Besides the obvious seasonal temperature issues, weight is important for another reason. The weight of the cloth is important to the overall look of the suit ON YOUR BODY. How it looks, drapes... We will guide you through this process and help you to choose the right colors, patterns and weights that are selected for each individuals needs.   Read more about our Custom Made Suit Fabrics.

tailor - Custom Suits NYC

Your Cut and Style Options

Different cuts and style options are an important factor when deciding on your custom made suit. Depending on the client, body-style, personal style, your profession and purpose of the garment, your B'SPO-KEN stylist will walk you through all the options. It is critical to know and understand that your choices are appropriate. We know the difference between modern and classic fitting garments. We are pioneers in the industry. We customize right down to the subtle details to really make the suit special and uniquly your own.


The measurement process is relatively simple. We use the tape measure for body measurements but also use sample coats to really tailor make the garment to be the best fit for your build. We also take digital photos to submit to our expert pattern makers so that they can focus on each client.

The Perfect Suit - Styled and Fit

We know from experience that when a customer puts on a perfectly fitted suit it makes all the difference. Clothes really do make the man!  Their whole attitude changes, and there is no doubt that if you look the part you will feel the part. Some of the most successful men in the world have been fitted and style by B'SPO-KEN's founder and fashion expert, Ken Booras. If you already have a B'SPO-KEN custom suit then you already know the feeling. If not, schedule your appointment and join them.

Why We Educate our Customer

This is what makes our industry unique to those with the knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of all of these fine and highly recognized raw materials. To the consumer that has acquired taste it is about what type of high quality raw material that they want to wear for their fashion sense and comfort level. Based on climate, moods or events.


It's about time you hit the BIG TIME!

You’ve heard the saying that we’re all the same, we put both feet into our pants the same as anyone else. And that is a true saying. The one thing that time-honored cliché does not mention is that where we are not the same, is the pants we choose to put our feet into. That’s right. What sets you apart from others is your clothing. Sure, you can buy a great deal on off-the-rack merchandise that will make you look good; But what do you gain from that? You’ve spent a lot of money, but when you look around you, you’re getting comments about the designer. Other guys are getting comments about their clothes, about the colors and styles, and also about how they fit.

Just like anyone else you want to get compliments like that too. You’d like to have someone walk up to you at a business luncheon and ask where you shopped for clothes. You want to look at yourself in the mirror and note your clothes fit you so perfectly that it’s almost as though they grew right on you.

And the fact is it isn’t just the fit, part of what makes your clothing fall just right or fold just so, is the material that your clothing is made of. The weave of the material that your clothing is made of will have an effect on how your clothes fit. Did you ever buy a shirt and find that it was uncomfortable as you moved around in it? Maybe it would pop up near your shoulders or bag at your waist.

Good material flows it doesn’t bag or pop. And if you think that buying designer clothes will stop that, think again. What makes designer clothes is the design of the clothes not what they are made of or they they fit.

A custom made suit from an experienced altier is what will make the difference. One good suit and you’ll never go back – you’ll like the compliments too much.


Custom Made Suit Testimonials

Hi Kenneth,
Just dropping you a quik note to tell you how much I appreciate your help. Thank you fro finding the time to meet with me. With my ridiculous work hours it was a pleasure knowing that you would work with me on my schedule. And...I loved the store. Sending you the picture I took. Hope you like it.

Shawn L. - Garden City, NY

Custom Suits NYC

Hi Ken,

I must admit I had never heard of Belvest Suits, but then again I've never heard the amount of compliments I received at my company's annual  charity event. I can't thank you enough. The custom fitting and tailoring made all the difference. Now I understand how a bespoke suit from B'SPO-KEN works. See you very soon.
Richard P. - NYC, NY



Hi Ken,
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but the suit looked amazing. It was so flattering on me. Everyone commented. My daughter was actually proud to be seem with My sincere thanks for everything.

Glen J. - Long Island City, NY


Dear Kenneth

I'm enjoying my honeymoon, but I have to tell you... We killied it! I must have had 100 compliments on this outfit. Perfect for my beach wedding down here in Mexico. I felt like a million dollars. I told everyone I won't buy clothes from anyone else ever again. You are the very best.

I'll be sure to stop in the store when I return and show you all the pictures.

Thank You!
Matt S. - Staten Island, New York

wedding suit


It is not often that I take the time to thank someone for doing their job, but I've been purchasing High-end suits for over 15 years. Truth is...I thought I looked good in my expensive clothing. It wasn't until I transferred from Chicago to New York and met Ken Booras that I discovered that paying more for a suit doesn't always translate into looking my best. Ken spent a great deal of time with me explaining the differences between an expensive suit and a custom made suit. I was blown away by the amount of detail and knowledge in styling and measuring that went into the process.  Four weeks later, when my custom suit arrived I was once again blown away. I couldn't believe the difference. It fit me perfectly. The small details that I thought were unimportant actually made all the difference in the world. Thank You Ken for taking such an professional but personal approach...and for saving me money!

Mark Lewis - Manhattan, New York

I've been a business consultant for the past 21 years of my life.  As a consultant I know it's important for me to look my best. Unfortunately, as I've 'matured' , I have also put on a few pounds. It was getting very difficult for me to find suits that fit well and made me look and feel good.  Then I heard about Ken Booras and B'Spoken. I called and set up an appointment. I pride myself on my business consulting and I knew 15 minutes after meeting Ken that I was in the right hands.   He painstakingly took my measurements and spent almost an hour explaining to me the different types of styles and fabrics and explained what would look good on me and what wouldn't.  I was thrilled with the results and my custom made suit was perfect. I definitely will be picking up a few more. I highly recommend to any business professional to meet with Ken. It is time well worth it.

Greg Barrino - Staten Island, New York

Hi Ken...I'm not sure how often you get a thank you note from the wife of your client, but I had to stop and take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for all your help. As you know, our daughter Jessie was about to be married and I wasn't happy with the Tuxedo's that my husband, Joe, had been trying on. They looked terrible on him. I was complaining about it to a friend and she recommended we come to see you. That piece of advice turned out to be the just what we needed. The wedding went off without a hitch and Joe looked wonderful. The suit, the shirt, the shoes...everything was perfect. Thank you again for all your help. 

I also wanted to let you know that as soon as things get back to normal we will be back to order a few of your custom made suits. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Stephanie Loguidice - New York City

Hello Ken,
My daughters wedding went off without a hitch. The wedding was held at The Boathouse in Central Park and the only thing better looking than my new tuxedo was my daughter. Just a quick note of thanks for all your personal care.

Fabian G.  - New York City


I am so glad that I found you. I've always believed that I had to spend money to get a great looking suit. Since I met you my wardrobe, looks, feels, and fits better than it ever has and I'm not spending any more. I will be recommending you to my friends and clients.

Mario P. - Long Island, NY

Dear Kenneth,

I know it's been over 6 months since you helped me with my wardrobe. One would assume that If I was going to write you a thank you note that it would have been done by now. Unfortunately, thank you notes are not a normal part of my day. However, as I sit at my desk, fresh off of receiving another compliment as to how 'good' I look, I can't help but realize it must be the clothes. I haven't loss any weight and my gray hairs are not turning black. Plastic surgery has not been least not yet. So it is with great gratitiude that I send you this note; that I write wearing one of your custom made suits. When I return to New York City in November, B'SPO-KEN will be my first stop.

Arthur L. - Baltimore, MD

Dear Ken,

So Christmas was yesterday, but I've never seen somebody so happy to receive a gift certificate. My husband Mark, was so excited. He's thanked me 100 times since I gave it to him. I think you will be seeing him at the store this week. Happy Holidays!

Marie Gianosto - NYC, NY


You did it again.  The custom made suits who created for me this year are absolutely wonderful.  I was thrilled with the suits from last year and didn't think it could get any better.  The styles we did this year were even better. My wife used to drag me to t'the stores' tp buy clothing, but since I learned about you my entire attitude has changed.  And my business has increased. It may sound silly to say but I really believe it's the clothes.  Please...don't ever retire.  Until I do... 

Your Friend,
Steve P.

I needed to send this note to you to express my appreciation for everything you've done for my family and I. The tuxedos that the boys had on were the talk of the wedding. They looked wonderful.  You somehow even managed to make me look the best I ever had. I know I'm not the easiest client to fit but the custom suit you created for me was perfect. Thank you for everything.

Dylan W. - Long Island, NY

In addition to our Custom Made Suits, B'SPO-KEN also carry's the finest brand name manufactured mens suits in the world. We understand that not each person's style is individual and we do our best to make sure the clothing suits the man as opposed to making the man fit the suit.

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