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I wear almost exclusively Eton shirts. The stock 15" slim is an almost perfect fit for me. This spring, I was unable to buy a 15"slim of the beautiful fil coupe' aqua stripe embrioded dot red ribbon shirt. I had to settle for a 15 3/4", as it was the last slim that the the main supplier in Sweden had left. Would it be possible for you to re-cut or tailor the shirt to the 15" specifications, especially in the shoulder, waist, and sleeve width. I understand nothing can be altered in the collar sizing. My main need is to have the body fit like the 15".

Thank you for contacting us at B'SPO-KEN. My name is Kenneth and I am the owner and personal stylists here at B'SPO-KEN. We carry a very large selection in the slim body for a small size custom shop but we also have a very good relationship with eton and are able to get most shirts throughout the year if we do not have it stock. That being said you should be aware that eton cuts their size 14.5 and 15 on the same block so the salesperson should have advised you to go with the 14.5 not the 15.75. The 15.5 and 15.75 are cut on the next size block, and the 16 & 16.5 on the next and so on.

So I really believe that is the problem. We have re sized some of the eton shirts for our customers and I am very confident that we can do the same for you where you will be more than satisfied. I also wear exclusively the eton size 16" slim body shirts. It has become our best selling body in our shop which is why 60% of my shirt inventory is in that body. I truly believe it is one of the best products in the market.